2 possible formats during or at the end of career

Detached for 6 months (Career Pass) or 12 months (Retirement Pass), put your experience and your commitment at the service of an association.​


To enrich your professional career


To feel useful and support the causes that are important to you


To open up to a new form of organization and new working methods


To return to Schneider Electric with a rewarding experience

Every year, about forty people have the opportunity to live this experience with associations, universities, academies or school foundations. These detachments take place within the framework of a broader partnership.

Here is the process set up as part of a skills sponsorship:

First of all, it should be noted that the voluntary employee must have held a permanent job with Schneider Electric for 3 years.
The professional project including this detachment must be clear and shared by the employee with the Manager and HR BP.
Our team validates the profile and the professional project of the employee with regard to the existing missions and organizes the contact with the association.
Regular monitoring and anticipation of the return are provided in collaboration with the manager and the RHBP.

Some additional terms:

The employee is detached and remains administratively attached to his original entity, under a Schneider Electric contract.
The employee retains all Schneider Electric benefits (salary, seniority, leave, company mutual, etc.).
The duration of the assignment is 6 months (non-renewable) or 12 months (renewable once).
Part of the salary cost remains the responsibility of the employee’s department.

Schneider Electric is particularly committed to 5 specific areas:

1.Fuel poverty
2.Occupational integration
3.Training young people in emerging countries
4.Economic development of territories


⇒ If you are interested in this opportunity to enrich your professional career while contributing your skills to an association that is close to your heart, here are the available missions that Schneider supports:

Solidarity pass collection


Renaud Mikler, Project Industrialization Leader, who was detached to ULISSE Energie. “A mission with issues around housing, employment and ecological transition. I was able to put my project management skills and my energy at the service of a project that made sense to me. I learned a lot in this environment of the social and solidarity economy. This mission allowed me to take a step back on my journey. She fully confirmed my desire for professional development, which I was lucky enough to be able to carry out when I returned to Schneider”.