Since the social cohesion law of January 18, 2005, any company with more than 1000 employees which carries out collective redundancies has the obligation to contribute to the creation of activities and the development of employment in the geographical area concerned. These are the so-called “regional revitalization” operations, which Schneider Initiatives Entrepreneurs manages on behalf of Schneider Electric.

During the few operations of this type carried out in France by Schneider Electric since the promulgation of the law, the process has been the same. Firstly, within the framework of the PSE, Schneider Electric supports the redeployment of all employees affected by job cuts. Then, Schneider Initiatives Entrepreneurs manages the revitalization operation of the territory. This goes through:


The negotiation of a budget which depends on the number of jobs cut with the DDETS* and the Prefecture depending on the situation. *Departmental Directorate of Employment, Labor and Solidarity


The definition by SIE, on the possible proposal of the DDETS/Prefecture, of a list of structures likely to be assisted by virtue of their capacity to generate employment.


Presentation by SIE of the revitalization plan to the Prefect, the DDETS, representatives of local authorities as well as professional and employee unions.


After discussion, an action plan emerges with a list of structures to be assisted, a definition of the actions to be carried out and the associated funding to restore a balance in the territories concerned.

As part of this initiative, Schneider Initiatives Entrepreneurs is helping:

  • Associations that support project leader
  • Professional training associations
  • Professional integration structures
  • Timeshare companies
  • Incubators
  • Buyers of industrial sites

An agreement is signed between SIE and the State, represented by the DDETS/Prefecture. Then an agreement is signed with each assisted structure in which the objectives in terms of employment, actions, schedule and payment conditions are set. All decisions are made with the sole concern of generating sustainable employment.

SIE monitors the implementation of the plan, triggers payments when the objectives are achieved and reports to the DDETS/Prefecture. A revitalization plan lasts between two and three years.