Accompanied by our team, develop and realize your entrepreneurial project


To realize a dream or a passion by changing your life


To satisfy a desire for independence and autonomy


To continue a family activity or pass one on to your children

Every year, around forty people embark on the creation or takeover of a business with the support of our team.

Here is the process put in place as part of support for an entrepreneurial project:

First of all, it should be noted that the employee must have held a job at Schneider Electric for at least 3 years or be on a work-study contract, and be more than 3 years from the legal retirement age.
The employee presents his entrepreneurial project to our team in complete confidentiality vis-à-vis the Manager and HR BP.
The project leader is accompanied with benevolence in the formalization of his idea, the realization of a market study, the construction of a commercial strategy, the choice of an adapted legal status and the development of a financial forecast.
When the file is finalized, it is presented to a jury which studies the project and awards a grant in the event of validation.
The young entrepreneur continues to be followed by the team during the first three years of activity of his company.

Some additional terms:

From the validation of the project by the jury, the employee has one year to create his company and leave Schneider Electric, after having planned his departure with his Manager and his HR BP.
During the first three years of activity and on presentation of supporting documents, the employee can rejoin Schneider Electric in the event of the bankruptcy of his company.

Serennes Pérenne: for sustainable agriculture by Joel Fournial "It is very clear that the process and the different stages of creating the SIE file are all keys to success which make it possible to avoid many pitfalls upstream...and will reduce the number of unforeseen events once the project has been launched. This project of " Serennes Pérenne "would simply not have seen the light of day without the structure, the methodologies and the commitment of the SIE teams." Lire le témoignage