Detached for 6 to 18 months, put your skills and your commitment at the service of a start-up or an SME


To enrich your professional career


To share your expertise and participate in the growth of a company


To discover new business models, new ways of working and develop your skills


To return to Schneider Electric with a rewarding experience

The Competencies Pass provides start-ups, VSEs and SMEs with experienced employees and volunteers from large groups in order to accelerate their development and promote job creation.

Here is the process put in place as part of a Skills Pass:

  • First of all, it should be noted that the voluntary employee must have held a permanent job with Schneider Electric for 5 years.
  • The professional project including this detachment must be clear and shared by the employee with the Manager and HR BP.
  • Our team validates the profile and the professional project of the employee with regard to the existing missions and organizes the contact with the start-up or the SME.
  • SIE organizes the contact with the SME/Start up.
  • Regular monitoring and anticipation of the return are provided in collaboration with the manager and the RHBP.

As well as the following terms:

  • The employee is seconded and remains administratively attached to his original entity, under a Schneider Electric contract.
  • The employee retains all Schneider Electric benefits (salary, seniority, leave, company mutual, etc.).
  • The duration of the mission is 6 to 18 months and depends on the professional project envisaged.
  • Part of the salary cost remains the responsibility of the employee’s department.