The fruit of a story

Support for business creation and regional development is part of the DNA of the Schneider Electric group. It is largely linked to its history. Indeed, when it refocused on electricity, in the 80s and 90s, the CEO at the time, Didier Pineau-Valencienne, wanted to create a new corporate culture and promote the spirit to undertake. He remembered the damage caused by the crisis in the steel industry in entire regions. Hence his will:

To give the employees of the new entity all the levers to take charge of and secure their professional development.
To be an actor in the development of territories, so that the company evolves in a dynamic environment, generating multiple job opportunities not dependent on a single sector of activity.

It is this corporate culture that underpins the values of Schneider Electric and the existence of Schneider Initiatives Entrepreneurs.

An ethical, responsible and civic approach

The actions of Schneider Initiatives Entrepreneurs are based on the sustainable development values of Schneider Electric:


Schneider Electric employees who wish to create their own business or obtain a detachment in an association or an SME, can contact Schneider Initiative Entrepreneurs in complete confidentiality, outside the hierarchical channel. Managers will only be involved if the project materializes.


All ideas are welcome at Schneider Initiative Entrepreneurs. Everyone will be listened to with the same interest. But everyone will also be advised objectively, in order to reduce the risk of failure as much as possible.


Schneider Initiatives Entrepreneurs is a bridge between the Schneider Electric group and its environment in a logic of openness to the territories to promote entrepreneurship, facilitate skills and facilitate job creation.