Business creation

Created in 1994 to promote the entrepreneurial spirit, Schneider Initiatives Entrepreneurs first focused on spin-offs, which consists of supporting Schneider Electric employees who so wish in creating their own business.

This mission is still at the heart of SIE’s activity. It is a great success, since more than 1,900 group employees have been supported and have been able to finalize their project, with a sustainability rate of over 86% at three years, well above the national average.

Création d'entreprise

Développement économique local

Local economic development

Very quickly, Schneider Initiatives Entrepreneurs extended its scope of action to support local players who, in Schneider Electric employment areas, are driving forces for business creation and more generally local economic development.

Associations, schools but also local authorities, state services, start-ups, SMEs, etc. can find in Schneider Initiatives Entrepreneurs the partner to work with to create and grow job-creating activities.

Entrepreneurship Expertise

A common denominator unites all these creations: Schneider Initiatives Entrepreneurs assesses the feasibility, solidity and future of the business projects presented to them. The team relies on their multiple professional experiences, on the relationships forged over the years, and proven methods and tools in order to hatch the companies of tomorrow that will participate in the dynamics of the territories.

This recognized expertise can also be made available to partner associations, particularly within the framework of the Access To Energy program piloted by the Department of Sustainable Development in Africa, as well as to associations that help with professional integration.

Expertise en entrepreneuriat