Actor of societal commitment

Schneider Initiatives Impact reflects Schneider Electric’s strong ambition to contribute to the economic development of regions and to encourage employee engagement.

Our conviction is reflected in our actions on the various societal issues related to diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity and support for local initiatives.

This program, initiated in FR, is aimed at Schneider Electric employees in the countries concerned* who wish to give new perspectives to their career.

Schneider Initiatives Impact has set up 3 systems that allow employees to develop their skills and have new experiences.

*see presentation by country

Discover Schneider Initiatives Impact

Since 1994, Schneider Initiatives Impact has supported the vitality of territories throughout France and more particularly where Schneider Electric is established.
Its actions are geared towards the creation or takeover of businesses and support for structures likely to create value and generate employment, in order to contribute to the economic development of the territories.

> 2300 Employees who have benefited from SII schemes
> 2200 Employees supported in business creation
90% of continued business 3 years post launch
> 140 Employees detached to partner structures

Support for each actor in the territory

Within the Sustainable Development Department of Schneider Electric, Schneider Initiatives Impact brings together experts in entrepreneurship and territorial development.

They advise and support employees who wish to create their own activity or start another career outside the company in the local economic fabric.

They also participate in the economic life of the territories by supporting, with various tools, private initiatives, associations or local authorities that promote job creation and local dynamism.

Gilles Vermot Desroches tells you about the vision of SIE
Video testimonial

Gilles Vermot Desroches tells you about the vision of SIE

Gilles Vermot Desroches, Director of Sustainable Development Schneider Electric and project leaders present Schneider Initiatives Entrepreneurs.

Discover the Passes

Three support formulas tailor-made by SII experts for each economic player who wishes to contribute in their own way to the development of their territory.

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